Zafron Road (digital download)


Michael’s 2010 recording Zafron Road features new works composed for Jazz trio, classical, resonator, and 12 string guitars, cello, and traditional Persian instruments, and voice. An album of cross-genre music of Michael’s new music for ensemble, featuring a Jazz piano trio, cello, and a Persian traditional music Duo.

  • Zafron Road (a bright and joyful piece in Mahur [major] Persian Dastgah music)
  • Rajalucia (a fusion of Eastern Stylisms, Rock, Jazz, and Flamenco)
  • Genesis (for solo guitar in the style of Indian Raga music)
  • Zagros (a classical guitar piece using influences from the Persian Dastgah of Chahargah)
  • Esfahan (an ensemble piece with an evocation of ancient Iran leading to lively Jazz fusion)