Welcome to Once Around the Sun – a project aiming to produce a new piece of music for the classical guitar for each day of the year. I’ve been planning this undertaking for some years and began writing scores in early 2017 when I composed 90 new works. I am writing almost every day and hope to have the project completed within a year or two.

The scores range across a musical spectrum with studies, character and concert pieces composed in various styles including contemporary art approaches such as pointillism and minimalism, Spanish and Latin American pieces such as milonga, rumba and bossa, flamenco-influenced works and music in the style of the jazz ballad traditions, and so on.

Why compose 365 new pieces for the guitar? Firstly the idea was to have me daily exercising my craft, creating music with a goal in mind. Many artists, such as painters, produce a work a day, and I wanted to be busy and creative by writing a work as part of my daily composing. Secondly, I wanted to engage other players, teachers and composers with the idea, providing a resource for intermediate and advanced musicians, perhaps to create an online community where new works such as mine could be videoed and presented for comment and learning.

So, you are invited to explore some of the works and play them and use them in your teaching, record and video them for online discussion. Click here to download a collection of free samples.

Orders for any of all four volumes to be made by email request to [email protected].