1. Dusk to Dawn (M. Knopf)
  2. Study in D (M. Knopf)
  3. Uruguayan Sun (M. Knopf)
  4. Sarabande (J.S. Bach arr. M. Knopf)
  5. Idyll (M. Knopf)
  6. Jazz Musing no.1 (M. Knopf)
  7. Jazz Musing no.2 (M. Knopf)
  8. Jazz Musing no.3 (M. Knopf)
  9. Noche de Ronda (M. Knopf)

This charity album was recorded in support of the Stairwell Project which presents live professional musicians in various spaces at the Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital. In the stairwell, music is provided to reduce stress in staff and patients as they travel busily between floors. Music is also provided in the foyer and other areas including the Oncology and Outpatient floors for patients, visitors, and staff. More intimately, live music is at times performed for patients within the wards. Research around the world demonstrates music’s strong effect on wellbeing in healthcare. The Stairwell Project has been running since 2015.

Michael is making this CD available at a discount. All purchases go to supporting patients and healthcare workers amid the coronavirus epidemic and assisting with the continued progress of the Stairwell Project, providing live music in hospital spaces and patient wards. Please note some tracks have been removed from the digital download due to licensing restrictions.