Michael has over 35 years experience as a guitar tutor, high-school teacher and university lecturer. His aim is to provide individualized tuition using sequenced approaches to technique and repertoire in a friendly atmosphere of discipline that engages the student as an owner of the process of learning. He delivers flexible, task-oriented approaches to achieve goals appropriate to the student’s learning path.

He currently offers guitar and composition tuition at his home studio in Mt. Tamborine, Queensland. Casual or weekly lessons are available. Michael also presents workshops at festivals for guitarists of every level.

For any queries regarding tuition, visit the Contact page.

Teaching Philosophy – Dr. Michael Knopf

  • Encouraging students to seek a ‘wholeness’ in their learning as musicians. This involves the understanding that music, as a human activity, is fundamental to daily life and to social, physical and mental development. Such development is beneficial for families and society. For the individual musician, such activity is the key to understanding what we know or think about music and ourselves, demonstrated by our developing music making.
  • Encouraging personal responsibility toward efficacious learning practices through thoughtful discipline that fosters students’ commitment through motivation, reflecting on why they study, what their goals are, and awareness of the steps required to meet those goals. This also includes embracing repetition and experimentation, modulation of learning approaches, and a commitment to group learning through verbal and musical negotiation.
  • Encouraging an attitude of curiosity towards all music making and the investigation of aesthetic and poeitic ideas. Traditional and new forms offer stimulation from which the student forms a personal response through adapting, adopting and approximating.
  • Learning the canon, engaging flexibility and actively inventing are three broad foci of any creative practice. These three approaches entail:
    • The learning of the standard repertoire as a basis for a discipline as well as facilitating connections with other musicians in the practical world of performing and composing. This achieves an understanding of what has gone before
    • Flexibility requires engaging the processes of modulating what you know to suit creative situations and as a path to invention
      Invention is required for a living art form. It broadens experiences often through boundary-defying experimentation.