Once Around the Sun – Volume 4


Once Around the Sun is a collection of 365 miniature guitar pieces of mostly 1.5-4 minutes duration, offering a genuine musical diversity in style and genre across a range of technical requirements and compositional strategies. Each is idea-based with development taking various shapes and trajectories. Click here to download a collection of free samples.

Form and development are often easily identifiable as using traditional approaches or having an improvisatory or through-composed nature. The majority of the pieces are suited to professional and intermediate guitarists. The collection presents a stylistic range across the musical spectrum including the following:

  • Contemporary art music approaches
  • Traditionally styled guitar pieces
  • Spanish and Latin American character pieces, including Flamenco
  • Popular styles including Jazz, Blues and Fusion music
  • Culturally derived/inspired music
  • Works requiring a reverberant performance space
  • Character music of broader use in such as film or meditative ambiences
  • Studies of varied interests and technical challenge
  • Music in the “Guitar Chant” style

This collection is valuable to both performers and teachers as every piece explores an identifiable technique, style, or aesthetic.